What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is certified to help, support and mentor individuals to make positive health and wellness choices. They educate clients to achieve their health goals by developing individualised plans to help support lifestyle and behaviour adjustments.


Having said all that, it’s important to realise that every Health Coach is different and depending on experience, they specialise in various areas! However, Health Coaches are not nutritionists, registered dieticians, doctors or anything else medical and currently there is a lot of controversy within the health, nutrition and fitness industry regarding how qualified people actually need to be in order to provide support in the various services on offer – particularly when it comes to nutrition.


However, just like anything else, when you are looking to find the right type of support for Oakleys Outlet you, it is vitally important that you understand exactly what each service offers and whether or not it is the service that you want – or more importantly, that you need.!


Whilst I am a certified Health oakley sunglasses sale Coach who qualified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I passionately believe that it is my experience in other areas that has enabled me to deliver the services I offer at Health Revolution. With a background in Psychology and mentoring people on the autism spectrum, I look closely at the relationships individuals Onion have with the different components of health, focusing very much around mindset in order to support and empower individuals to take control of achieving their health and wellness goals and ultimately achieve their full potential.


I cannot speak for all Health Coaches, but to me our role is to establish the root cause of an individual’s health concerns. And that doesn’t mean looking only at food, it’s also about taking a holistic approach to help individuals understand how all aspects of their lifestyle impact on their health and wellness. Personally I NFL Jerseys Cheap encourage people to move beyond the quick fixes, taking a person-centred approach so that they can find a ‘healthy’ that suits them and their lifestyle!!


There is so much more to health than simply the food you put on your Cheap Jordans Sale plate and the amount of exercise you do on a day-to-day basis. It varies for each and every one of us!  As a Holistic Health & Mindset Mentor I help support my clients in understanding what healthy means to them in relation to the 4 components of health: nutrition, fitness, mindset and cheap oakleys NFL Jerseys Cheap support. I meet my client where they are at the present time, providing them with the support, advice and guidance they need in order to nfl jerseys cheap form positive relationships with food and fitness, ultimately developing their confidence to take control of their health and wellness, once and for all.


In fact I believe that my clients get the most Cheap NFL Jerseys out of my service because they have chosen to invest time wholesale nfl jerseys in their health – giving themselves some ‘me’ time and focusing on how they can be their best. We are cleverer than we think, we actually have all the answers, our body sends us messages, but often we lose sight of these and all we need is some support and guidance to re-tune into this and find ourselves again!

When it comes to supporting people with their health, nobody can be everything to everyone! Each service offers its own value!  Deciding whether or not you should work with a Health Coach, and choosing which Health Coach you work with will depend cheap nfl jerseys shop on what your goals are and what you want to achieve! The same goes Albacar, for any other service provider.  But the important thing is that you shop around and find a quality service that will add value to your life.

Gemma Dawkins
Holistic Health & Mindset Consultant

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