What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is certified to help, support and mentor individuals to make positive health and wellness choices. They educate clients to achieve their health goals by developing individualised plans to help support lifestyle and behaviour adjustments.   Having said all that, it’s important to realise that every Health Coach is different and depending on […]

The Latest On Fad Diets

Many of us would like to change something about our body; whether it’s losing fat, putting on muscle, or alleviating digestive problems. However, don’t be Cheap Jordans tempted by the quick fix and miracle options we are often bombarded with online, from a friend, or in magazines and papers. Sadly, there is no magic solution […]

Do I need to take health supplements?

The health supplement industry is one of the fastest growing on the planet. And as you’ve probably experienced at some point in the past yourself, it’s also one of the least trustworthy.   It’s no surprise really. For years, we’ve been faced with the incessant noise of big multinational pharmaceutical giants trying to sell us […]