Cindy Ferreira

I’ve been training for about 4 years now and have always had the goal of wanting to compete in Bikini at some stage throughout my life. Having shared a work space with Dan I was confident that he had the knowledge and practice to help me reach my competing goals. Through prep Dan provided me with the appropriate platforms in both nutrition and exercise, we worked closely to discuss what was working and what wasn’t and Dan was always prepared to make adjustments accordingly. Not only did Dan support me through my prep – acting as a support network when times were tough. But more importantly Dan’s support has continued after prep, adjusting to being ‘normal’ is more stressful than prep itself and Dan’s knowledge has allowed for me to prepare for what was to come and helped me remain somewhat sane. Overall we absolutely smashed my prep and I couldn’t recommended a more knowledgable coach. I told Dan exactly what weight and Bodyfat% I wanted to step on stage at. and exactly 1 week prior to competition I was there.


James Hesford

Over the past 18 weeks Dan has been by my side coaching me towards my first competition at the Bodypower Expo. His emphasis on evidence based training and nutrition and methods that are sustainable to the individual was crucial to me. Dan’s scientific approach led me to fully trust the advice he was providing me whilst his consideration of my commitments as a medical student personalised the training and diet to me. What struck me initially was the detail in Dan’s thoroughly professional online training service. The online platform is easy to navigate and allows constant feedback on the progress that you are making with your training and nutrition. It is extremely easy to use and keeps you motivated throughout. The workouts were very well planned, of course using a completely evidence based approach! Despite having trained for almost a decade my training has been completely revolutionised. It was amazing how much, even as a seasoned and passionate gym goer, my approach to training left to be desired in terms of efficiency and injury prevention. Dan’s “flexible dieting” approach to nutrition again encourages a healthy relationship with food and one that is compatible to your daily life whilst providing clear results. Despite being a fit and keen sportsman I lost over ten percent of my bodyweight for the Bodypower Model Search and it was through Dan’s support and guidance that this was possible. I am extremely grateful to Dan for his hard work and expertise and was very proud when placing in the top 10 out of over 600 in the Bodypower Model Search whilst representing DNA Fitness.

Gemma Dawkins

Since coming back to Jersey and deciding that I wanted to try and achieve the standard to compete at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 for Jersey I have been working with Dan to help improve my strength and conditioning. I immediately wanted to work with Dan because I was absolutely blown away by his passion to be able to help people to achieve their goals. In the past I was always very intimidated going into gyms and lifting weights, as I viewed myself as a runner rather than someone who was any good in the gym department.  However having now worked with Dan he has really helped me to build my confidence, and this has most definitely translated to my efforts on the track. What I love about working with Dan the most is that he goes out of his way to make sure that the exercises that I do are specific to my goals as a runner, he is always thinking out the box, creating bespoke sessions that will target my weaknesses whilst also utilizing my strengths to ensure I get the most out of the hard work that I put in at the gym! Although I know that I am not Dan’s usual client as my fitness goals are performance related I have noticed a massive difference in the conditioning of my body, most noticeably my abs, not because we have been doing lots of ab exercises but because Dan makes sure that I execute all my exercises correctly by engaging my core – something that I have learnt from Dan is the key to power and I now focus on when im competing on the track. Thanks to the strength work I have been doing with Dan and the work I have been putting in on the track I am stronger than I have ever been before. I am running better than ever, and I feel physically and mentally so much stronger and I have Dan to thank for a great proportion of this! Having changed coach last year and starting to work with Dan who welcomed being able to work closely with my coach to ensure that I was getting the most of my training I have managed to run a personal best in the 800m, running 5 seconds quicker than I did last season and my dream of competing at the Commonwealth Games in Jersey is something that I now know is 100% achievable!

Fabio Moura

If I can do it, anybody can. I have been dieting with the guidance of Dan Reis for just over 6 months and it felt great, I have not avoided ANY type of food throughout (I ate 80% of my caloric intake for the day at around 9 pm everyday, including LOADS of carbs) and never felt hungry. I have managed to get stronger at the gym week after week, and was full of energy all the time. It is all about knowing what you eat, and how much you can eat. Everyone is different. Thank you DNA Fitness for all the guidance. I look forward to 2014. Come at me!

Lauren Buesnel

There are a lot of personal trainers on this island so it can be difficult when trying to find the right one for you. They all claim to do the same thing – help you achieve your dream body, help you get toned for summer, help you lose x amount of weight in x amount of time etc. In my experience most of the personal trainers that have trained me provide a basic service to achieve these goals but at the end of the day I have felt like just another paying customer. Dan not only provides a great service but is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met. He understands that everyone is different and that what works for one person might not work for another and will take the time to figure out what works best for you. From Dans guidance and support I was able to achieve my goals whilst having a flexible diet and whilst still enjoying myself in the gym. Better yet I gained the knowledge to know how my body works which has helped me gain more control and confidence. His knowledge and passion can help you achieve your goals too. Get in touch!

Max Will

“After a few years of being into my fitness, accessing various gyms and Crossfit boxes I decided it was time to give personal training a shot. I had always had a pretty decent level of fitness and endurance being able to smash HIIT and Crossfit WODs whilst also lifting ‘respectable’ weight in the gym. My body however, was still not where I wanted it to be aesthetically and as you can imagine, this frustrated me.

Having some coaching with Dan was something I’d always wanted to try after seeing the results he had achieved for people. Unfortunately something always came up to prevent me from being able to commit. Returning to the island this year after travelling around and somewhat ‘letting myself go’, left me with no excuses I had decided it was time for a lifestyle change.

Watching Dan and his business progress over the years has been nothing short of inspiring to see, he is someone whom I can safely say has 100% commitment to the fitness industry, not to mention his clients.
From day one Dan made sure that I understood everything that was expected of me, giving me the time to get to grips with the logistics of online coaching: logging systems, counting my macro nutrients, etc.

The whole training program has been tailored to my personal desires and goals all the while Dan has given his advice, tips and tricks of how best to reach these. Dan really spent the time to look at my lifestyle and asses what I was already doing right and wrong to amend accordingly.

My diet was defiantly one of these aspects. Now despite having some knowledge already and knowing that I was probably under eating, I’d never actually taken the time to work out if I was. Ignorant, is a word that could be used and I went off the principle that more exercise + less food = less fat and more muscle. Wrong.

To give you some insight on a good day I was probably consuming 1900 – 2000 calories, closer to what the average females intake should be. Where as the average male requires somewhere between 2400 – 3000. Needless to say this has now changed and I look upon food in a completely different way.

Some may have said I was already fit before and I guess I was. You can’t buy good health and so far I have been blessed in that sense. My dreams and ambitions have always been higher and those closest to me truly understand this, I am starting to reach my goals now and this is just the beginning of the journey.

All that needs to be said is that if you choose to go with Dan listen to his advice! I guarantee you it’ll work. As long as you are committed to the cause and are willing to truly putting in the countless hours, many sweaty shirts maybe even a few tears you’ll see the results you truly desire.

Thank you Dan for your advise, commitment and wisdom not to mention belief that I could and will continue to achieve. A huge shout out as well to those around me who have been and continue to support me everyday in what I do. I am the fittest I’ve been in my life and am excited for the future!”

Jo de la Mare

I’m one of those people that starts a new gym regime, is full of enthusiasm for a few weeks or maybe even a couple of months, then gets bored and quits. I’ve now been training with Dan for almost a year, and I’m more enthusiastic than I’ve ever been, I have no plans to quit.  Singing up to Personal Training was a big deal for me, it’s something I’d wanted to do for years, but had never felt confident enough to, the idea of being watched that closely, and exposing all my fitness flaws to a super fit professional terrified me.  I decided that, as I had taster sessions, I had to do it, I have never looked back.  Dan is always waiting for our sessions with an infectious smile, the training is planned to my personal needs so I never feel like “just another client.”  I can honestly say that I enjoy our training sessions, I know that not only am I going to work hard, but that I will have fun doing it, I even miss training when I’m on holiday!  Friends and family are commenting on how fit and well I’m looking and I can definitely tell that my strength and endurance have increased dramatically and this is down to my training with Dan.  It’s clear that Dan loves his work and is dedicated to providing a great service to his clients and is as excited as I am each time we hit a new goal. I would highly recommend training with Dan and am proud to have him as my coach.

Steve Coelho

I have been training with Dan Reis, at DNA Fitness, for nearly 3 years now and it has been a pleasure to have someone so dedicated to his career and the fitness world train me.  When I first started with Dan, I was shy, unmotivated (in all aspects of my life), and was generally unhappy. The initial basis of my training consisted of hard grafting which was not enjoyable at the time, but achieved phenomenal results.

The programme he set for me, which included a diet and exercise plan, was tailored around my fulltime job, whilst studying towards professional exams and also partying at the weekend. I was never restricted in what I could eat or do, but I knew that I would have to work harder in the gym that week to be able to fit in a special event. The programme also enabled me to realise the balance of inputs vs outputs my body actually required to lose weight.

Dan has taught me life changing skills which has enabled me change my diet, my activity levels and my outlook on life. Although this all sounds incredibly cliché, I now have a fresh spring in my step, I am motivated, dedicated and the strongest and leanest I have ever been. These skills have made me want to continue improving not only my physical appearance but also my fitness levels.

Dan’s ability to motivate his clients, in my opinion, is truly inspiring and this has been able to rub off on me. I would like thank Dan for helping me achieve my original goal, and more, over the past 3 years and I am looking forward to a happy/healthy future.

Chadé Love

I first started training with Dan around 7 months ago via a recommendation by my brother who had previously used Dan to reach his goal. I wanted to learn more about weights and diet to yield results, and build muscle whilst getting lean.

Dan has been there to support me 24/7, has helped me motivate myself at time of need and has individually tailored a programme to my requirements, to ensure that I am getting the best results possible for me and my lifestyle.

The results I have seen over the past 7 months have been great and I have Dan to thank for it, as I couldn’t have got to where I am without his guidance and total dedication to creating a bespoke service to me.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is trying to change their body or even just incorporate a healthier way of living into their lifestyle and looking for someone who will personally dedicate their time to getting you there.

Looking forward to training with Dan this upcoming year and getting even more results through his customised approach!

Harry Hambrock

“I can not recommend Dan highly enough. When I started training with Dan I had poor posture and a weak body. In just over a year my posture and back pain has been improved significantly: as well, I have seen significant improvements in my weight lifting ability and body composition. He is utterly professional in delivering his service and a pleasure to work with.”

Kori Gagnerie

I’ve enjoyed training for a while and have seen the great things it does for my body and strength, but have struggled with nutritional balance to suit my workouts.
Since starting with Dan, in only 8 weeks I have seen a huge transformation already, the tailored workouts and nutritional plan have made me leaner and stronger than ever!
His support and knowledge has been fantastic and I can’t wait to see what comes next! 🙌🏼

Harry Zambon

I’ve been training with Dan after going through quite a few health issues: cancer, 2 brain haemorrhages and two lots of brain surgery. After losing 2 stone of muscle I needed to bulk back up, gain my strength back and I also wanted to lose around a stone. In 7 months I’ve lost 16lbs, I’m gaining my strength and co-ordination back and slowly building some muscle back up. Dan is there for any questions you may have and is also very diligent in the psychological side of the process. Top bloke, and best online service in Jersey!

Caroline Hamilton

Thank you so much Dan Reis – definitely could not of done this without you! Before, I did ridiculous amounts of cardio, had very little amounts of fats/carbs a day, and getting no results… In the After photo – doing half the amount of cardio, added weights, and eating more food on a daily basis than I ever have done! I’m stronger, healthier and happier. Literally never felt better! Follow your macros and follow the programme, the rest will come. Bring on 2014!!! (Caroline still works with me to this day)

Ben Rose

Working with dan has made me understand the importance of a stable and healthy diet as well as a solid training program! Dan is there 24/7 assisting with questions and providing support, this gave me the confidence to try new exercises that I had never even seen before! The results in 8 weeks speaks for themselves and I am looking forward to the next stage and working hard on my new goals!

James Orrick

After many years of ad-hoc gym routines combined with boot camps, sporadic PT sessions and a poor diet, I realised that I wasn’t actually getting anywhere fast! What I needed was structure. A friend recommend Dan’s services and since then I haven’t looked back. Dan has provided me with structured guidance, mentoring and support 24/7. Not only has he helped me to make some good physical progress, he has also taught me the importance of healthy eating and how it impacts my training program. During the training Dan takes on the role of PT, mentor and also counsellor for when times get tough. Dan’s patience and encouragement has helped me to push myself to lift weights I didn’t think possible!

Dan has really helped to structure my visits to the gym which have resulted in big measurable gains. The tailored online programme has helped me stay on track and kept me focussed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dan to anyone who needs some extra help and encouragement. I trust and value his guidance to drive me forward and I’m looking forward to working with Dan in 2015 and beyond!

Jordan Love

Have lost over 2 stone since February (2013) and am the strongest I have ever been in my life. Couldn’t have done this without Dan Reis, who helped me sort my exercise and diet with his online coaching program. Life is literally what you make it, and I’ve only just started the journey.

Kevin Pinel

I signed up with Dan in October 2016, my goals at the time had nothing to do with physique or competition, just to work on general fitness. At first I thought my goals were too vague, one of them genuinely being to “be more badass/awesome in the gym” haha! Despite this, Dan fully understood what I was trying to achieve and where we needed to start.

From the beginning I was very impressed with Dan’s in-depth knowledge and understanding about the mechanics of every exercise he prescribed individually, something very rare in Jersey. Dan’s commitment to his clients is excellent, he always goes the extra mile to help, with me it was with the hundreds of ‘quick form check’ vids I sent the poor guy! My stats when starting with Dan were –

Weight –          66kg
Squat x1-         70kg
Deadlift x1-      70kg
Bench x1-        35kg (Yeh that’s not a typo)

By June 2017 after 9 months on Dan’s tailored training programme I couldn’t be happier with my increases –

Weight –           70kg
Squat x1-         115kg
Deadlift x1-      140kg
Bench x1-        70kg

I’d highly recommend Dan as a coach for anyone with training, diet, physique or well-being goals, regardless of their experience.

Lauren Beuzeval

Before I decided to start training with Dan I did the typical crash diets, detoxing and all sorts of different exercise routines, mostly cardio which in all honesty did stop me from gaining weight but I was not happy at all, I wanted to lose weight but could never find a routine that would do that. I was then introduced to weight training with Dan taking the time to meet with me to ensure I was using the right form and safely. I now love this so much I would consider it a hobby not a chore! There is something about woman weight training that makes you feel so strong !

What I absolutely love about training with Dan is that you do not have the excuse of ‘I don’t have time’ as you aren’t meeting with Dan at a certain time for a couple days a week when he can fit you in, like most personal trainers, you are advised what to do and you do it! The use of the online spreadsheet is so useful with all training, food such as your macros and your weight being recorded all in one place. The weekly check ins with Dan makes you really want to work hard so you get a well done at the end of the week!

I have never met someone who is so passionate about their business and gives you so much of their time not just physically as a trainer but mentally, someone who can help you with tackling those pesky cravings without giving up your life to eat salad all day every day! And when I am going out for a meal and send him a quick message to say help me! What is the best thing I should eat?! And also trying to nail those damn deadlifts!

I have learnt an incredible amount of knowledge that I can now say that if I go on a foody and boozy holiday, or go a bit mad at Christmas I know exactly what I need to do to get rid of those extra pounds without salad and juices! And if I want to take it that step further with weight lifting to get a certain looking physique then I can!

I can honestly say that deciding to train with Dan was the best fitness and health decision I have ever made!

Tylor Renouard

I started working with Dan because having tried to bulk for mass and strength for about 12-18 months I’d made very little progress. In 5 months I’ve gained more size than in the 12 months before and hit new PRs in all my main lifts as well as picking up and working on some weaknesses in a cleverly targeted way. Dan has also increased my motivation massively and while I’m now cutting for my wedding I’m looking forward to competing in my first powerlifting meet later in the year or early next year with his coaching.

Dan is brilliant. He’s always contactable for any questions, his knowledge and ability to customise programming exactly to my needs are second to none and he’s great fun to work with which makes all the difference when it really gets down to the grind.

Sally Dunlop

I have been training with Dan for the past 6 months. I like how he gives me a varied programme which pushes me enough without killing my enthusiasm. His workouts are well planned giving a structured approach. His knowledge and expertise is demonstrated in his ability to explain exercises, always pointing out how to improve techniques.  His friendly and personable nature make his training sessions enjoyable and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Ross Crockart

Dan is not only my coach but also he is also my friend, with his training plan and excellent coaching, Dan has shown me how to create a much more healthy relationship with food. By following his coaching plan have already lost 10 Kg of fat and have completely changed my body composition. Before meeting Dan and enrolling on his coaching plan I had tried every single fad diet, cutting out carbs, soup diets, everything. None of these diets were able to help me lose weight in the long-term .I am not particularly overweight I have simply struggled finding what plan will work for me; with Dan I have finally found a plan that does work.  I have been able to keep the weight I have lost off whilst leading a normal lifestyle, which is a pleasant feeling. If you are looking for an individual who will not only educate you correctly but also support you, I cannot recommend Dan enough.

( Ross still trains with me- working towards the “next level”)

Susan Rice

I have been training with Dan for the last 18 months both in classes and as a personal trainer.  Dan is a supportive coach who is able to give you motivation when required and is fully aware of your needs without seemingly telling him.  To be intuitive like this means he adapts my training program for me to enable me to get the best out of my sessions.

Dan becomes more than a trainer, a friend, he is very much a people person and I am able to talk at ease with him because of this.  As such, good communication means a good work out and he pushes you hard!  Some times you don’t think you are going to get much out of your training and with Dan’s encouragement you’ll smash PB’s that week.  He also knows when to go easy on you when the pressures of family life and work take over.

I know I will excel in my training with Dan as my coach and I can’t thank him enough for this.

Jason De Freitas

Not too much I can say that I’m sure others haven’t said already, as it’s easy to see that (a) you love what you do and (b) you love helping others, and that definitely comes through in your coaching. Even though it was a while ago that you coached me I can still remember that every time I needed an answer or some help it always felt easy to contact you and get a quick response. Coming off the back of those weeks of coaching, you’ve basically helped me get into the best shape I’ve ever been in and provided me with the skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime 🙂

Julie Garrod

As an unfit lady of a certain age it’s fair to say I was cautious when my son bought me some personal training sessions when I complained that going to the gym on my own wasn’t fun or achieving results….I will forever be grateful to him for finding Dan Reis.  Not only did I finish those gifted PT sessions but I have continued to train with Dan now for 3 years.

In that time Dan has consistently delivered hugely challenging and rewarding sessions offering encouragement, support and praise in equal measures.  His enthusiasm and knowledge combined with his professional attitude make him a credit to his profession.  I can’t recommend him enough.

Rebecca L M

I started training with Dan in September last year, I’d trained with another PT before hand, but I really didn’t get the results I wanted! I became very strong and bulky, which is the opposite of what I wanted. I’d heard of Dan through a friend and was keen the get in touch… and I’m so glad I did.
In October last year I ended up breaking my toe (big deal right?) well after surgery, crutches and going crazy! I lost so much fitness, but Dan motivated me to keen going, helped me train well and bring the strength back to my leg (it’s amazing how fast it goes) Dan helped me that much that I didn’t even need to go to Physio, even after the doctors recommended three months of Physio!

This year my body has changed, I’ve learnt so much and I’m fitter than ever, he’s a great coach and always has time to make sure you’re doing okay. It’s as if you’re his only client!

5 millions stars! If I could rate it that much!

Becs ☺️

Lisa Clarke

I have been training with Dan for approximately 6 months and although the sessions are tough at times it’s well worth it as after you feel so good!

For me he’s perfected the balance between allowing me to push myself without causing by back and neck pain  to flare up and I have found that the period of time between flare ups has greatly lengthened. He’s given me the confidence to train without the constant worry of increased pain.

During training sessions he always has a plan B if plan A causes any issues. The sessions are well thought out and constantly changing so there’s no chance of getting bored!

He is a gentle, kind and considerate trainer who listens to his clients  and is very aware of individuals abilities  giving loads of advice and checking posture to ensure  there is no risk of injury.

His encouragement to reach personal goals is fantastic and continues well beyond the 45minute session; giving on line support and help with menus and recipes making you accountable for what you eat as well as planning your exercise routine for the week!

Overall training with Dan is an absolute pleasure especially when he greats you with that wonderful smile!

Chloe Bisson

I’ve wanted to get back into the gym for a long time and this time to do it properly, not just going to exercise but to actually feel healthier and I knew I couldn’t motivate myself so I thought I’d give the online training a go!

The online training suited me best because I was due to be moving away from Jersey and it worked perfectly!

To start Dan arranged a meeting before I left so we could discuss what my goals were and how best to achieve them, but at this point I hadn’t realised how emotionally difficult it could be to achieve my goals and that’s where Dan truly helped!

Dan was so motivational in the training, setting me goals for each workout and constantly asking for feedback to see how I was getting on. It was clear that Dan knew what he was talking about, if an exercise didn’t feel right he knew exactly how to resolve it. Although the programme is based on weekly plans and updates, Dan was always available to help and during the first 8 weeks we spoke almost every other day.

Nearing the end of my programme, I was travelling with work a lot and so I found it difficult to find time to go to the gym and to find the right foods to eat but when I struggled and felt like I couldn’t continue Dan really knew what to say to keep me focused!

The thing I think that makes Dan different to a lot of the other fitness programmes is that his is truly flexible and knows exactly how to tailor a workout to suit your needs and goals. I was miles away and struggling with fitting in time for the gym and the healthy eating but I still managed to achieve my goals and that’s all thanks to Dan!

Marilyn Conolly

I have been training with Dan for three years now (nearing 4), so I can definitely say he keeps you interested and focused on your health and fitness.  Dan works with me to target the weak areas of my body so that I can build my mussels in order to support my bone structure, particularly in relation to my back which was a problem area for me.  My posture has improved greatly and keeping it good is extremely important as I sit at a desk all day.  Dan also takes the time to counsel me on nutrition, which is most helpful as he is very knowledgeable in this area.  Another thing I like about training with Dan is that, he listens to me and takes on board what I say about our sessions so that he can ensure that I stay motivated.  All this is very serious stuff, but together we manage to fit in some good laughs.  If you’re thinking of training with Dan you won’t regret your decision, his one of the best.

Janet Mourant

I started personal training sessions back in April with Dan,he is truly an excellent trainer.
He is the perfect combination of tough (“Dan your killing me”) to praising (“Janet your doing so well”), he is thoughtful,sensible,and an absolute pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows how and when to encourage and push you , though never to much.
Because of Dans efforts I am stronger and more flexible, I have better balance and more importantly working out has become back pain and neck pain have completely gone due to his help.
I am so pleased with the results, this is due to Dans perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise program and challenging yet achievable goals.
His professionalism and extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and clients are second to none, he really is a fantastic trainer.

Shaun Kavanagh

As a recent new member to Healthhaus I unfortunately suffered a frozen shoulder which restricted my ability to exercise properly. Having had a similar problem to my other shoulder some 4 years earlier I knew the difficulties involved and time needed to mend but was encouraged by Dan that he could help me get back to full health sooner rather than later. He put together a carefully devised plan of exercises which were both challenging and varied but always enjoyable and delivered with Dan’s natural enthusiasm.

Furthermore, where Dan was uncertain about the type of exercises to include he sought help with colleagues both local and in the UK as well as the internet which was totally unexpected. I can only say great things about Dan’s obvious total commitment to ensuring that his clients get the most out of their personal training and have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Finally, I would also like to say that not only is he my Coach but is now regarded as a mate

As they say ‘Dan’s the Man’

Demi Eloury

I can’t begin to thank you for all that you’ve shown me. It was amazing to learn the basics of diet and exercise. I didn’t know there was so much to learn!
The time and effort you have put into me losing weight and improving my level of fitness is overwhelming.

I have been training with Dan for the past 6 months (still being coached) and in that time I feel like I have improved leaps and bounds. My level of fitness has improved dramatically I used to have many problems with my asthma now I rarely even notice I have it!

Dan has been more than a coach to me he has been a friend. When I’m feeling down and bad about myself he is there messaging me and keeping me motivated. Finding ways that suit me as an individual to carry on improving

Although I still have a long way to go I wouldn’t want to be doing it with anyone else. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and most importantly makes me laugh when I really want to cry!

I turn up each week not always in the right frame of mind he ALWAYS knows how to encourage me. I’ve never had someone have more faith in me than this man and for that I am 100% grateful. I can’t wait to see the end results!! Thanks buddy

Ashley Bonhomme

I have used Dan at DNA fitness many times over 2 years. No matter what the goal is that I want to achieve, Dan always gets me there in the end. Thanks to his hard work, dedication and love for the job. He manages to put up with my ever changing goals and ideas and I thank him for all he has done for me. I would recommend him to anyone who needs that bit of encouragement and guidance to get the physique they desire and strive for.

Sarah Briggs

I have been fortunate to work with Dan for the past 6 months following a recommendation from a friend. In that time Dan’s friendly no nonsense approach has enabled me to achieve things in the gym that would never have been possible if left to my own devices!

From the first consultation Dan took note of what my needs where, what I wanted to achieve and what my schedule was-from there created a programme which is bespoke and work for me.

Dan’s sessions are tailor made and throughout the session he makes notes so that you know you are going to build upon the work from the session before-small adjustments are made to add challenge- no session is ever the same.

My regular sessions with Dan provides me with challenge, focus and a determination that yes I can do this.

Dan positive approach to all aspects of his work is infectious- he makes you believe that you can achieve and slowly you build up confidence and strength- and what seems to be impossible at the start of a session is possible by the end!

Chris Jones

I’ve been a member of a local gym for the past 3 years now and for the first 2 of those years I was doing my own thing..watching how people trained and generally just making it up as I went along.  I’ve never been driven or organised nor have I been into fitness.  Having spent a year and half plodding along I had a friend who was also at the same gym and he mentioned he was working with Dan as his online coach.  Granted, my friend had a good 10 years of youth on his side and was much trimmer but I decided that having turned 40 late last year that I would see if Dan had space to accommodate me in his team.

Since mid January 2015 I’ve been coached by Dan every week, reporting back on progress, things that work and things that don’t and even shared the down moments such as illness and planned in holidays where training was limited.  The structure it has given me is actually more than just the programme but also the drive to get up at 6am most mornings and go to the gym willingly and it not feel like a chore.  That has been a key thing for me and logging my dietary intake and weight each day makes me more focussed.  I am much more aware of meals and timings and what foods even agree or work for me now.

The programmes Dan has provided have been split out well to work on areas of my body and muscle groups that I frankly had no idea about.  I would say that over the first 6 months this year my upper body in particular really changed which was a huge boost to my confidence since I had never been gym fit or toned.  The leg work incorporated really helped me to appreciate that you need to work all areas and not just be into biceps curls and abs.

Having incurred a slight wrist injury recently I have had to reduce upper body exercises and Dan is helping me keep on track with what I can do, especially since I was starting to get slightly depressed at seeing all my hard work halt suddenly.  I’m almost ready to re-start the upper body work outs and can not wait to get back into the full workout routine and I’m sure that as before, Dan will be there to encourage and drive me forward.

Although my interaction with Dan is virtual…(me in Guernsey and him in Jersey)…I still feel I receive a full rounded coaching experience with open dialogue.  I have my work cut out to get back to where I was nearly 2 months ago after my wrist injury but this is something that I not only look forward to but want to do properly…something that would not have happened had I not had a coach before.

Dan is about getting the most out of a client with dedication and not quick fixes that are not sustainable…that suits me fine!

Alan De Sousa

I decided to sign up with Dan because I felt that what I was doing was not doing anything for me. I was running 4x a week, not eating properly or enough and feeling constantly drained. I had always wanted to join a gym but I had no idea what I was doing. So rather than just sign up to a gym and try and figure out what to do, I enlisted Dan’s services. One of my problems was my diet. Dan has helped me to structure my diet. I have not had to give anything up in fact if anything he has encouraged me to eat more! No fancy plans just a simple rule of thumb, protein, carbs and veg, simple. I am really enjoying my food and most importantly I am eating the right things. Dan has been instrumental in helping me make the right decisions on what to eat. I have been working with Dan for over 8 weeks now and its has certainly been an enriching experience. Already I am feeling stronger and I have a lot more energy. I can already notice the difference physically on my body. For example, my posture was really bad and I had a slight hunch before. Now my back is straight. This is just a small change that has made such a difference in my life. I still have a long way to go with my journey. However, I cannot speak highly enough of Dan and what he has done for me. He is not only my coach but a true friend. He has really supported me with all things health and wellbeing. Dan’s teaching methods are not only interesting but you actually understand the reasoning behind why you are performing certain exercises. If there is one thing I can’t stress is Dan’s flexibliltiy with training plans. He has tailored my plan to suit me and my needs. I have never worked with someone so passionate and so knowledgeable.

Denise Guegan

I’ve been working with Dan for over a year now and I’ve enjoyed my weekly training sessions so much I’ve recently increased them to two a week! I used to be a reluctant gym “bunny”, but these days I look forward to going and actually enjoy the challenge. I’ve been delighted with the progress I’ve made, particularly with core work! I’m completing activities which I never thought I’d achieve this time last year. I cannot recommend Dan highly enough – he is always cheerful and continually praises and encourages me. I feel fitter, healthier and happier than I have for a long time.

Chris Faria

Dan helped me start on my journey to a better me. Bringing expertise on nutrition, resistance training and most importantly confidence to each training session.

Dan’s training still influences me to this day. I find myself applying the things that I’ve learned to my current training

Philip Le Grand

I have been working with Dan for roughly 4 months and I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone in the fitness industry who works harder for their clients and works harder growing their own knowledge base. It is really refreshing to see a simple approach. Dan is always on hand over text and email to provide pieces of advice and counselling. I would be happy to recommend him to anyone who is willing to work hard.

Hilda O’Dwyer

Having been thrust into middle age kicking and screaming it was with great trepidation that I dipped my toes in the scary world of personal instructors. I’ve always been active, going to the gym, walking and the treadmill at home has clocked up more miles than our car. Then I broke my foot and put on 10lb which no amount of exercise would shift. And to add insult to injury the physio told me my core strength was rubbish! My homegrown efforts simply weren’t working so I went to Dan for help. When I started in February this year my main focus was still to lose that stubborn 10 lbs. Dan has completely changed my mind set and made me realize the importance of strength and tone as opposed to being focused on a number on the bathroom scales. Dan has a unique style of motivating you and tailors each session individually, factoring how you are coping with the everyday stresses around you . Each session has made me feel motivated,stronger and in control . Dan has a great way of getting more out of me whilst retaining that element of fun . I cannot believe what I have achieved in terms of my body tone but more importantly the self belief he engenders in one . I cannot recommend Dan strongly enough as a trainer and value very much the awareness and confidence he has given me regarding my fitness and ongoing physical health.

Pearl Rabet

Before my free taster sessions with Dan, I had never actually considered having a personal trainer. Despite my hesitancy, I thoroughly enjoyed Dan’s energy and encouragement during these sessions, which resulted in me signing up to two further blocks of sessions.

The sessions Dan provides do not only cover the physical aspects, he has helped me greatly by providing nutrition advice making me far more conscious of what I am eating. He is extremely realistic with goal setting and does not expect eating habits to change overnight. In all, Dan’s keen and motivating approach to personal training clearly highlights his dedication and genuine love for his job. He is always there to push me that little bit extra, which I know I could not do on my own.

I could not recommend Dan highly enough. His overall style and approach to training along with his cheerful and enthusiastic approach allows me to confidently say that taking up Dan’s personal training sessions has been a great investment into my physical health and general wellbeing.

Chris Abel

I have been working with Dan for more than  12 months (still being coached) and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Dan is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. My balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I’ve got great new muscles I think!! . If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Dan will lead you on your journey

Jon Matthews

I cannot recommend training with Dan enough. I had been working out for about 2 years on my own and thought I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. I sought some help to get myself out of a bit of a plateau, but Dan went so much further and completely revolutionised my training! His enthusiasm generates so much confidence when you train with him and he’s just a text message away for gym and nutrition mentoring around the clock. So many pearls of wisdom from someone who knows what they’re talking about and programs that just make sense. Thank you so much, mate!

Patrick Cooney

Dan provided me with a tailored workout routine I could manage around my shift work and also nutritional guidance, I never felt i was on a diet! Setting me goals with a weekly report and analysing my technique on exercises with video checks. I made quite significant strength gains, I couldn’t believe were possible. I would recommend DNA Fitness to anyone who wants to take their gym workouts up a few levels!

Emma Topham

Personally I have always struggled with my weight and fitness goals, so I made the decision about 3 years ago to seek some advice & coaching from Dan.

I had lost all confidence in how my body looked and the thought of getting into the gym again was a very scary & daunting thought.

My goal initially was the standard – to lose weight and feel healthy.

From the moment I walked into my first session with Dan he managed to put all my fears to one side and with his motivational approach he managed to push me to limits that I didn’t even know I could achieve.
Dan tailored a plan for me that suited all aspects of my lifestyle and working schedule which was realistic to get to my goals.

His encouragement and personal care towards his clients’ fitness goals is spot on and he gave me back the belief that anything is achievable if you set your mind to it.

Training with Dan was one the best decisions that I have ever made. Once on the programme, you start to look forward to your next session to try and get past your PB!

Dan is an absolute credit to his profession and Healthaus. His knowledge and approach towards his clients is first class, not only has he helped me restore my confidence in my fitness again, he has taught me so many valuable tools that I continue to use as part of my everyday life.

He has totally changed my approach towards fitness, I am now back training regularly and continuing to hit personal goals which in turn has brought my confidence back (and brought the pounds down on the scales each week, which is always a bonus!)

Dan is a one of a kind trainer not only will you have a coach, you will have a friend for life.

Colin Bruce

Having been a member of Healthhaus since June 2014 I decided I wanted one to one Coaching , through word of mouth I decided to go with Dan Reis Personal Trainer.
From the word go I found Dan to be very Professional , put me at ease immediately and tailored a training plan exclusively for me , took into account my past back surgery for which I have always had back pain, since being with Dan I have had no pain and with his teaching my back is stronger and pain free .
Dan has always been available for any advice or support anytime , Nutrition , what exercise to do , always helpful ,  I would highly recommend him and he has changed my life completely for the better , excellent at what he does and very patient. (still being coached)

Dan Birtwistle

I have been training with Dan for several months and would highly recommend him. He is incredibly enthusiastic about what he does, which is a real motivator. Sessions are carefully planned and balanced to include various “repeat” activities that show progress and lots of variety to maintain interest.  Dan has a genuine interest in health and well being and is supportive beyond just the PT sessions, including suggestions for improving diet/nutrition and ways to incorporate more gentle cardio activity between more challenging gym sessions. Above all, he makes the sessions interesting and fun!

Angela Jardim

Started PT-ing with Dan after a long battle with loosing weight. Looking back – as a child I was always highly active but unfortunately over weight due to eating habits. I believed that to keep the weight off  I had to eat less than 1200 calories, stay on a running machine till I was blue on the face and stick to caffeine to keep me energised. ‘Healthy’ living was fiction to me, it was all about feeling skinny and never going back to my chubby childhood.
How wrong! His knowledge goes beyond your standard gym work out, and his tremendous enthusiasm for his career infects us all and he gives us building blocks to confidently walk into a gym put together a workout that is challenging & tailor made to specific goals. I’ve managed to up my macros to a total of 2200 managing to maintain my weight and tone up areas I believed would never repair itself due to my drastic weight loose.
He’s helped me to achieve realistic goals in an achievable time frame using a training programme to improve on weekly. His persistent positivity, encouragement, knowledge and tremendous enthusiasm has helped me – and others – happily go from zero gym know-how to a confident active member that looks forward to their early morning workouts!!

James Russell

I started training with Dan in July (2015 and still being coached) having never been a member of a gym or having any sort of consistent exercise routing. My goals were to build muscles and lose some stubborn fat. I have suffered with issues with my back for several years and this has always put me off any strength based exercises. Dan’s knowledge and passion for the fitness world is second to none and it shows in every session. He is always happy to help between sessions for any advice or assistance and I am now doing independent weekly gym sessions with confidence and knowing that what I am doing is correct and safe. I have learnt so much about training principles and nutrition whilst working with Dan. He has taught me skills I will remember for life and can include every day to enhance my wellbeing. I would recommend Dan to anyone looking to gain confidence and start a training program or to progress their existing training program.