Dan is a Certified, Insured MNU Nutritionist. Mac Nutrition Uni, is the first Evidence Based Nutrition course, provided by a reputable UK company ran by Martin Macdonald, a Clinical Performance Nutritionist and University Lecturer. 
Dan is able to provide Nutrition Coaching, both face to face and online for the following: 
  • Athletes looking to maximise their energy, recovery and performance as well as peaking for a competition and making weight. These may include, but not limited to: Physique, Endurance, Hybrid, Strength, Skill Based and Recreational. 
  • Clients needing customised Nutrition Coaching to lose Body Fat/Weight and/or Increase Muscle Mass/Tone/Strength.

Each nutrition plan is specifically designed for you, with the latest evidence based information and recommendation. Dan is able to specify your calorie and macronutrient (fats, carbs, protein) needs to support your goals throughout your journey. It is adjusted based on your progress, feedback and lifestyle.



Online Coaching:£85.00 per month with £30.00 joining fee which includes a 30 minute Skype Call at the start. The online option.

Face to Face: £55 per session (offering you up to 45 minutes of interaction). £65.00 for your first consultation (duration of 1:30 hours). Face to face offers a different level of support. It is recommended for those struggling with motivation or just need that face to face support to help them with adherence and ultimately, achieve their goals.