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Many of us would like to change something about our body; whether it’s losing fat, putting on muscle, or alleviating digestive problems. However, don’t be Cheap Jordans tempted by the quick fix and miracle options we are often bombarded with online, from a friend, or in magazines and papers.

Sadly, there is no magic solution to losing weight, or putting on muscle mass, cheap football jerseys or sorting out your digestive problems. In fact there is no ‘wonder-diet’ which you can follow without some associated nutritional or health risk.

What is a fad diet?
A fad diet is the kind of dietary plan that restricts the consumption of certain foods, or cheap football jerseys encourages eating unusual combinations of foods, typically with some kind supplement thrown in. They are normally extremely low calorie and deficient in a range of micro and macronutrients.

How can I tell if it’s bad advice?
Use Wholesale Jerseys oakley outlet the following pointers to help you spot bad advice. All fad diets will usually:
– Promise a ‘magic bullet’ solution to solve your problem without NFL Jerseys China changing your lifestyle;
– Promise rapid weight loss of more than 2lbs of body fat per week;
– Recommend magical fat burning foods (grapefruits) or ingredients (caffeine);
– Promote avoidance of whole food groups such as dairy or wheat (and typically suggest replacing with a supplement);
– Encourage you to eat one type of food (cabbage soup);
– Recommend that you eat certain things according to your blood type;
– Suggest that being overweight is related to an allergy;
– Recommend detoxing;
– Offer no supporting evidence apart from celebrity endorsements or a personal success story;
– Offer a liquid meal solution or meal replacement;
– Focuses on superficial results rather than health benefits;<span style="font-weight: oakley sunglasses for men 400;”>
– Actively try to sell you supplements or products;
– Recommend eating non-food items (cotton wool);
– Make recommendations based on one research study;
– Recommend the same diet for everyone without taking account of an individual’s needs; or
– Promise a ‘secret’ that doctors won’t tell you or haven’t discovered yet.

Who knows what?
Don’t fall for the celebrity endorsements or claims either; many beautiful people are paid to endorse products because marketers know that they will sell more of their product purely based on how they look than any health advice or infomercials ever could. Celebrities are not nutritional experts and shouldn’t be followed for dietary advice.

Who should I talk to?
<span style="font-weight: ray ban outlet 400;”>If you are struggling with body issues, consult your doctor who should refer you to a registered dietician or nutritionist. These people have recognised qualifications and are regulated by professional bodies, Ray Ban sale providing factual, research based, dietary information to you. If someone else is giving you dietary advice, and isn’t one of these people, then they are not qualified to do so. Many people claim to be experts in nutrition but in fact have not had a quality education and are not likely to be insured for any harm they may cause you.

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Kit Chamier
MSc BSc SENr Performance Nutritionist

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