Hi, my name is Dan. I’m a multicultural, bilingual coach and I believe to be pretty good at what I do… apart from counting reps!

I’d like to welcome you to DNA Fitness Online. Your home for evidence based Online Coaching, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching.

What sets me aside from most coaches is that not only am I a good listener, I care for my clients success, but I also care for their well being, both mentally and physically. I believe that the most important factor within a successful coaching business is the relationship between the coach and the client; which is something I really try to develop right from the start.

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry as a Personal Trainer under the DNA Fitness Ltd umbrella since 2010, working with a wide spectrum of clients; from sport performance to rehab/prehab, aesthetic goals (fat loss, muscle gain), strength goals and general fitness. I have developed a wealth of knowledge because of my curious attitude towards the human body and how it reacts to various training methods using an evidence based approach. I have also worked with top performance coaches online who’s knowledge has been invaluable as well as becoming a MNU Certified Nutritionist. 

I believe that we are all different; but that’s what makes it exciting, one method doesn’t fit all. Finding the right approach and applying it to the right individual is the key to a successful client to coach relationship, yielding the most optimal results.

I developed the online side of DNA Fitness Ltd in 2013 because I realised that after coaching people on a 1:1 basis, they actually didn’t need me there in person but they still required work by themselves. Personal training isn’t cheap, but the way I now explain it to some people is that it’s a “personal course”, developed for one particular individual. To me it felt wrong to charge the individual when I knew all they needed was a plan, guidance and accountability, it didn’t feel right to charge them just to “count reps” (which I’m terrible at). I also realised that I could bring my knowledge to people with a good amount of training experience but stuck in a plateau, whether it is strength, endurance, fat loss or weight gain. Overseeing someones plan and ensuring all the pieces fit together is like a game to me and something I truly enjoy. 

I pride myself in constant education, from a programming point of view, to nutrition, psychology, physiology and human behaviour. I’m here to help both trainers and clients sharing experiences and knowledge to ensure we all maximise our training and coaching efforts. 



Hello my name is Jo, I have always been active, much to my Mothers surprise, and have maintained an interest in fitness since an early age. My main sports as a child were gymnastics, swimming and springboard diving (falling semi-gracefully into a pool). I represented the Island in numerous Southern County Championships over the years before “retiring” in my late teens. At the age of 23 I joined the States of Jersey Police, and served front line for 12 years.

In 2012 I suffered a back injury while snowboarding, I had a nasty fall and broke & dislocated both my coccyx and sacrum. The pain was immense and I was unable to train in any form, even standing/walking was agony. I did no exercise for over 2 years, I was advised to stick to moderate walking and gentle swimming only. In 2014 I had enough and joined a gym. I started doing some basic resistance circuits and classes, it hurt beyond belief but I refused to give in.

In Jan 2015 Dan convinced me to try some PT sessions, I can honestly say this changed my life. At first I couldn’t squat, I couldn’t deadlift, I couldn’t lunge, I’d gone from being a gymnast to hardly having any flexibility and struggling to put on my own shoes. We started slowly and its been a long journey but I cannot even begin to explain how much I have improved both physically and mentally to the point I hardly experience any pain. 

 Having seen what it is possible to achieve through a good trainer I decided that this is what I wanted to do, I wanted to help people get back into fitness, to take those first scary steps into the gym and to overcome their physical and mental barriers and become healthier happier versions of themselves.

 When I told Dan I had signed up for the Personal Trainer course I think he was as excited as I was. I have been given the amazing opportunity to work alongside my own coach under the DNA Fitness Ltd banner and am looking forward to working on a 1:1 basis and creating personalised programs for my clients while continuing to expand my own knowledge base. Oh and I can count reps 😉